The ADHD Success Center

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Our mission is to improve the lives of people with ADHD by aiding them in recognizing and employing their strengths, re-mediating challenges, and supporting them as they successfully achieve their life goals.

The ADHD Success Center understands the challenges and benefits ADHD brings to life. All treatment is completed by board licensed professionals using personalized approaches to support you in achieving your dreams. Our client centered approach means we bring research based techniques to help people with ADHD work toward their goals.

We help you find your strengths and implement them into your daily life. Many people with ADHD are incredibly creative and have an ability to hyper-focus on subjects of interest. You can learn to use those skills to help overcome some of the challenges of ADHD such as distractibility and disorganization.

We also offer inclusive support in your treatment of ADHD. Medication is a big part of the puzzle, but it is not the entire solution. Many people benefit from other treatment options such as: coaching, treatment for sensory processing challenges, support for good sleep practices and help in creating new daily routines. We help you address the challenges in your life that will support your goals.