We currently offer occupational therapy and coaching services to high school students, college students and professionals with ADHD. Our services are currently available in the Tulsa metro area. We complete the first evaluation in person and then continue any follow up sessions by video unless a therapeutic need exists to meet in person again. This model offers our clients the ability to work with someone focusing exclusively on ADHD while providing the convenience of meeting at their home or office.

  • Personalized Care Based on Client Goals
  • Success Skills for Students and Professionals
  • Coaching
  • Occupational Therapy for Motor, Sensory and Cognitive Challenges

Every client helps set their own goals. We help you succeed by giving you the tools to meet these goals so you can apply them again in the future to other goals. These are a few of the most common areas of client concern:

  • How to set and meet goals
  • Sensory processing assessment and treatment
  • Evaluation and recommendations for good sleep habits
  • Conquering college (including preparing to leave for college)
  • Study or work habits
  • Organization skills
  • Other life challenges

Our services are self pay. We do not accept insurance. Pricing available here